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10 things I love

I got a request from Daliana on photographis a few days ago to write about 10 things I love, so here goes…

1. cooking desserts (it’s a pretty new passion, but I make very good chocolate chip cookies and a mean chocolate and banana cake)
2. travelling (i’d love to do more of that, so far I’ve been to Germany, Bulgaria, Denmark, Holland, UK, Greece and Turkey, not that many but hey I still have time)
3. going to concerts (something I haven’t been able to do that often lately. I think Omul cu Sobolani is the band I’ve seen in concert the most often)
4. dancing (when I was little, I used to try to learn dance moves from MTV videos)
5. watching old cartoons like Tom and Jerry with my friends ( I have very fond memories of watching a lot of Cartoon Network when I was a kid)
6. the feeling of the warm sun on my face and the cold and clear sea water on my toes in the morning
7. stationery and paper crafting (whenever I do it, I feel like a kid again)
8. watching tv series (I loove a lot of them. Here are just a few I follow: dexter, grey’s anatomy,  the good wife, mad men, weeds, true blood, breaking bad, misfits, house and there are probably more)
9. being lazy and sleeping until noon (I usually sleep like, at least 10 hours a night)
10. collecting things (I used to collect small pocket calendars, prepaid phone cards, stamps, photos of animals, small glass figurines, seashells. Now I just collect concert tickets, museum or train tickets, well anything that reminds me of good times I had once. I’ll probably become a hoarder when I’m old and crazy haha)

So I’d like to pass this „game” on to Costin, Marius or Andreea, Nick, Iony (I hope you’ll use photos like Daliana did, it would be more interesting) and anyone else can tell me what are the 10 things they love, I’d be happy to hear about it.