Long time no post

Yeah I know it’s been a while since I last posted anything around here and by a while I mean more than a month. Well it’s summer time (all around the world except in Denmark) and it was vacation time and now I’m working. I know I got pretty lame excuses, but hey that’s life. I hope things will get back on track soon, though I kinda doubt it because I’ll be leaving Aarhus for a few months to move to Amsterdam with my studies. Yep it’s gonna be a lot of fun, I know you envy me :mrgreen: I’ll send you all a postcard. Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know I’m still alive.

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Glad to find out you’re still alive, Irina. Hey, I was hoping you took a break ‘cause you were on vacation to Hawaii, Tenerife or Tahiti and I was waiting for some hot vacation photo album or something, so this is a little bit of a, well, kind of disapointment. Anyway, please keep us updated about your future wild life in Amsterdam. Good luck and take care!

Irina in romana nu se poate ca era mai bine 😛 nu ca nu stiu engleza dar nu am chef sa scriu in engleza mai ales ca vine scola acusi si acolo trebuie sa scriu :)) oricum bine ai revenit inapoi vad ca ai calatorit in multe locuri bv ceva fotografii nu ai 😛

@ Porumbelulm Thanks! My vacation in Turkey was pretty exotic for me. I think it will take a good couple of years till my destinations will be Hawaii like 😀

@ filme. Poti sa scrii in ce limba vrei tu, mai am si cititori nevorbitori de limba romana, so that’s why this was in English. Poze, poze, hm o sa vad ce pot face in privinta asta 🙂

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