London calling!

London is amazing! It’s the most wonderful city I’ve visited so far and if you haven’t seen it by now, put it on your „to go to” list. The most striking thing about London was the contrast between the city’s buildings. I mean you got everything there from ultramodern spaceship looking-like monsters and skyscrapers to the beautiful baroque cathedrals and old Victorian style architecture. London is quite big compared to the „villages” I’m used to living in, that it’s just breathtaking to walk around the city sightseeing.

Almost all the museums have free entry and I just briefly got to see a couple of them, because I only stayed there for 3 days. You really need more than that to see all of what London has to offer. Although now it’s not the greatest season for visiting, there were still many tourists around and I can imagine how crowded it must get during summer time. Taking the tube was a must while in London. It’s really hectic, there are so many people coming in and out, going left and right, it’s so busy, you could easily get lost in the waves of people. One plus is that you may encounter some nice street performers there and do be careful to „mind the gap” and stay on the right on the escalators!

I recommend visiting St. Paul’s Cathedral, you should go all the way up top to the Golden Gallery to see an amazing view of London, The National Gallery, which has huge a collection of Western European paintings, The British Museum if you want to see mummies and all kinds of history related things and the famous China Town. Also try a stout in one of their lovely pubs on Brewer’s Street in Soho, the classic fish and chips meal and some Cadbury chocolate while there. I didn’t like the fact that they close the pubs so early during week days, around 11 pm and 3 am in the weekends. Other than that, everything was just great.

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