Do schools kill creativity?

Have a listen to an extremely interesting and amusing talk given by sir Ken Robinson at a TED conference in 2007 about creating an education system that nurtures, rather than undermines, creativity. I for one agree with him on the matter that all school systems put a big price on subjects like mathematics and science and ignore more creative ones. I’ve never heard of drama lessons or dance classes being taught in regular schools and I know that music and arts are being neglected in most places. Being intelligent doesn’t only mean being good at maths, intelligence is diverse and dynamic and I don’t think most teachers realize that.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and TED Talks cover these topics as well as science, business, politics and the arts. If you enjoyed watching this talk, you can listen to some of the most interesting TED talks here.

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The main focus is oriented on the rise of a new Era, the Informational Era. In the Industrial Age the education was projected to teach people to be workers and soldiers.
Nowadays, it the same old type of education, but in a different reality.
Why this classes like sports, music, painting are not the main course in every part of the world ? And why is math, physics and other „cold sciences” a priority ?
Invest 20 minutes in knowing in what world are you living in.

It’s your choice, it’s your life !

Jos cu matematica!!! 😛 Sa fim seriosi…
Imi permit sa citez o parte din acest interviu care exprima foarte frumos propriile mele sentimente legate de stiinta asta atat de rece si inutila: Cum ati defini matematica?

Radu Gologan: Matematica e o filozofie, dar asta inveti destul de greu pentru ca impresia generala este ca matematica este un instrument si copilul este educat asa. Matematica este o filozofie care are avantajul ca mijloacele sale de lucru sunt cele mai corecte, cele mai usor de justificat cu un limbaj fara contradictii.

Matematica te invata sa gandesti corect. Sigur ca are avantajul ca in acelasi timp devine si instrument, prima datorie a matematicii, mai ales in scoala, este aceea de instrument de gandire. Din pacate, mentalitatea incetatenita de-a lungul istoriei despre matematica e alta, mai ales in ultimul secol, si anume ca matematica e instrument. Ori nu e asa, are avantajul ca devine si instrument.

Pe scurt, nu e vina ei, biata matematica, daca e predata prost

Multe materii in RO sunt predate in bataie de joc in RO si nu-i ajuta aproape deloc pe elevi. Daca se mai scoate si educatia fizica din programa obligatorie … vom avea o generatie jalnica din toate punctele de vedere 😐

Foarte bine scris. Mai mult chiar, s-a demonstrat ca doar 20% din succesul in viata tine de inteligenta „academica” care se preda in scoala. Restul depinde de inteligenta emotionala, financiara, tehnica, etc, in functie de domeniul de activitate.

I think it was Mark Twain who said „Don’t let school stand in the way of your education”; ‘tis one of the most quoted things about education, anyway. The point is, society always tries to organize the curriculum so that, in the end, it obtains an individual ready for work. That’s why, in the beginning of the 20th century, good conduct classes existed („ore de bune maniere”), and that’s why in modern Romania you still see in secondary school girls taught how to sew or boys how to use various tools; roles are clearly defined from an early age, boys as multifunctional and providers for family, and girls as housekeepers. Lovely.

And, in the end, though it may sound cynical, I agree with this system. I pride on the fact that my bullshit resistence is very low, that’s why I quarelled with my teachers, every now&then. For those who just gulp down the shit they’re given, well … too bad; society needs slaves and nice workers, too 😆 For those who can aim further, school is just a deterrent, not a halt.

Cheers 🙂

I think yes,many education programs kill creativity anyway romanian education system surely do.

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